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Mercedes Sprinter ball joint tool









 Mercedes Sprinter / VW LT35 ball joint removing press tool


We have recently bought a special Mercedes Sprinter / VW LT35 ball joint removing and installing press tool.

We replace quite a lot of these and they are a difficult job as the ball joints are a very tight press fit into the housing.

Mercedes Sprinter & VW LT35 heavy duty ball joint breakerSprinter VW LT35 ball joint removing and refiting press tool assemblrd for pressing

We have had a couple of near misses with ball joints exploding and sending hot grease and the ball pin flying around the workshop so we decided to take the plunge and buy this fantastic tool.

Also refitting the ball joint was very difficult to do without damaging it as the ball joint has a very small area for knocking it in and if you push it in using the ball pin it ends up with more play than a used one.

The new tool pushes them in and out with ease and you can be sure that the new joint has been fitted without any damage.

17 Ton press frameComprehensive kit for removing & refiting Sprinter & VW LT35 ball joints wihout damage.

The tool with the hydraulic press, hand pump and ball joint breaker is about 1100.00 so we've got to change quite a few to get our money back.

We are currently replacing these for 3 hours labour per side or 5 hours for the pair. Our labour rate is currently 53.00 per hour.

Even with the tool there's still a lot of work to do so still takes time.

The new Mercedes or VW genuine ball joints are about 21.50 each plus vat so that should work out at

21.50 x 2 = 43.00

53.00 x 5 = 265.00

Total           308.00

VAT at 15%   53.90

Grand Total  354.20 Including parts labour and materials.

Price assumes all nuts bolts etc come undone ok and ABS sensor is not seized in.


We always keep a pair of genuine ball joints in stock so give us a call and we will fit them for you.